Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where have I been?

Let me introduce the newest members of our family. Sadie has put us all thru a lot of stress today with the birth of these sweet little babes. Last night I was sure she was going to have her puppies.........well this morning I let her out after a short sleep night, she was a really wet dog when I left for work so I made her stay outside. Kristin called at 11a.m. no dogs in the house. She started looking for them, Sammy showed up but no Sadie. Didn't see her all day so I came home and started looking....we combed the woods and all the outbuildings. No dog. We gave up and hoped for the best...... I was out watching the chickens and heard whining.......under the chicken house! Brad came out with a flashlight and shovel and started digging, we could tell by the sounds that she had them under the far corner from where she went in. Brad and I dug a hole big enough for him to lay in to reach up under the house and pull them out. We have 5 alive out of 6. Sadie didn't come out until Brad pulled the last pup out then she peaked out from under the house and looked at me like I was the meanest woman on Earth! She is now living in a basket with her babies in my bathroom, I even had to give her a bath.......the babies were clean but she sure wasn't!! I am so glad we found her, none of them would of made it thru the night....the raccoons would of came home and ate them. (we do have one less coon thanks to Kev) soooooooooo if anyone is interested these pups will be ready for new homes in 6 to 8 weeks....

This is Don's house............supposed to be corn fields in front and behind..........now it's river. All the roads are closed, a lot of water running thru Nebraska right now. No telling what kind of damage we're going to find when the waters go down.

This is one of Sammy and Nicki's babies, she has 5, oh they are soooo cute! Shorkie's are so cute! They will be ready for new home's in a month or so, in the pic they are about 2 weeks old.

Country Market in Clearwater, gonna be there on Wednesday night from 5-8. I'm hoping to have a different jelly featured each week. Not sure they will have the market this week due to the flooding...........

Here's the gang taking a break from all the demo. The inside is gutted and now they are waiting for a basement to be dug and the house to be set. Someday my brother-in-law will have a home.
Well that's whats been going on the last two weeks or so around here, the girls are cleaning my studio.......more on that another time.

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