Wednesday, May 26, 2010

whats going on this week

Sara and I are making jelly! We made 46 jars today. Apple, Apple/cherry, White Grape(forgot to skim foam off the top and looks weird in jars we're keeping it for ourselves) Hawaiian Punch, and Mixed. This should be a good variety for the Country Market we are planning to attend on Wednesday nights thru the summer in Clearwater and Saturday mornings in Neligh. We also tried wine it's good! Blackberry Merlot and Cream Blush. I have 4 little jars of each, if they sell well I will make more, if not Brad will be happy! He had the Blackberry Merlot with peanut butter on toast...hehehe...I think it would be grand with cream cheese and crackers myself.
Sara helped me with a few herbs this week too. Spearmint, chives, sage and winter onions.

I have made her my little helper this year, not sure she's to thrilled but it's better than laying on the couch all summer.

Sadie got a haircut, now everyone is calling her "fat girl" just because without all the hair you can really tell she's expecting a litter of puppies. I let Sara cut Sammy's hair too without my help, poor boy....I can't show his pic for fear of being charged with animal cruelty! I have yet to "fix" his hair cut.

And last but not least the guys are trying to fix systems. No luck on this one.......Kelsey showed up and Kev put him to work! I stood on the ground and watched.

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Annesphamily said...

Hi! I am always looking for new blogger's over here! You have a delightful blog. I hope you will come join me. I am not the craftiest gal in blog land but I enjoy the artistic talents I see. I am having some giveaways so please come join and I would love to have more people join the postcard exchange!
I hope you will stop by. Your herbs look wonderful and it is good to train those kids early because life just gets harder as we grow older! My 16 year old son is going to be getting a job this week! Again thanks for letting me stop by. I enjoyed the visit! Anne