Sunday, May 31, 2009


I saw this hot pad this weekend and knew I could make one, so I did. The top set is my first one's, I goofed up a bit and didn't back the one on the right like I wanted to, the inside fabric is now on the back. I also figured out I can't sew in a circle very well. I like these because there is no binding! The second pic is a set for me. I bought this fabric at Wagner's Quilts and Conversations in Arapahoe. I have always liked yellow, blue and green together and it looks swell in my Blue kitchen. I did learn to be more accurate in my circles are a bit off. I am trying to do more quilting and sewing for myself and I think a new set of hot pads are just fun! I'm sure I will make a few of these for gifts this year.
Kev, Sara and I had a good weekend visiting Dan and Anna. The kids had fun together and I love just hanging out with them. Anna and I took a little trip to Holdrege for grill parts and propane. She took me to Quilter's Delight, I was delighted........she had a panic attack! The shop was just to overwhelming for her so I cut it short and got her out of there! I lovvvvvvvvved everything there and will definitely go back when I'm alone and can take time to check out every nook and corner.
I'm going to work this afternoon at the bar so I better get off of my computer and get pulled together, it's gonna take awhile cause I just ain't feeling fancy this week.

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