Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kristin's bag

Kristin joined me in the studio for awhile this afternoon. She found this fabric in my stash, in it's former life it was a house coat for Alice.(ok we don't have a clue who Alice was but her name was on the label of it.) Kristin cut off the buttons and cut it up to make this.....she's not happy with it at all as you can tell by her note to me on the pattern. I didn't look to close to the pattern when I handed it to her and I guess I should of read it thru a bit before she tackled it. The outside looks great but the inside is a mess, she finally gave up and sewed it together just to finish it, it has raw seams on the inside and she don't like it that way. I told her not to worry about it cause she is the only one to see the inside. I will serge the inside for her tomorrow and I think she will be fine with it then. I think its great and if she don't use it I will!

I have no list for this week, I'm leaving for a little vacation on Thursday and I know I won't get nothing done tomorrow but quilt so I'm not even going to stress myself out with a list. (like a little list would be stressful to me...I just blow it off) I am going to take some crochet with me and maybe my cross stitch blocks to work on in the car and that should keep me busy for the weekend. I also get to stop and pick up my sewing machine, yeah!!!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Whoa!! That is bright. Such a happy print.

My machine is ready to pick up too.....maybe Friday. And I hope the stores have restocked on the things I couldn't get last time I was in Norfolk.

Enjoy your little vacation. I wonder when I get mine. Hmmmmmmm..............