Tuesday, May 12, 2009

schedule today

Well I made good progress on my list from yesterday, at least I think I did.

  1. 5 loads of laundry, we now have jeans and towels for the next few days.
  2. Dinner last night was beef roast with mashed potato's and gravy, and corn.
  3. Got one quilt for someone else quilted.
  4. AND the big thing was Quilt Group and 35 string blocks made for a charity quilt (or whatever the hostess wants to do with it) I did have just a little help with the blocks, we had 5 machines set up with 3 FAST sewers. I also finished up a set of 15 string blocks with green centers.

Today is more of the same around here......

  1. Laundry!!!
  2. Dishes!!!
  3. Dinner!!!
  4. Quilting!!!
  5. Planting!!! (cause I didn't do it yesterday)

I do want to take a few pic's also of the quilts the binding fairy brought me yesterday, and take a few more of what I get done today. I need to quilt something for her to bind, she is all out of bindings...........

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