Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday afternoon

I love cats and thought this cat print was cute. It's a Loralee design. I thought it would make a cute purse so today while I wandered around the studio I found it waiting for me. All it's missing is a cute pin or button to add to the tab. So I felt inspired after I whipped this up that I started this........
I thought if one purse was fun THREE would be fabulous!!! (they still need a button or pin to cover the sewing of the Velcro on the tab) I am starting gifts.

I also worked on the 9 patch sew along, got bored making black/bright blocks, sewed half square blocks and have a throw size quilt on my design board ready to sew. (also ran out of black fabrics I wanted to use) I got bored with it by then and its still in blocks not sewed into rows yet, not sure about borders either so it's just waiting for me.........having a hard time settling down to one project and finishing it hence the purses. I did do a few rows on the quilt in the frame so another hour in the morning and it should be done. I have one or two to do tomorrow before we leave for the weekend so tomorrow will be a busy day!

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Threads of Inspiration said...

These are really cute purses! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Susan