Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mid week

This is Heidi and her baby Charity. They are fainter goats. Charity will be on the small side I think, she is so much smaller than the 4 other goats running around here and she is about the same age. I catch her and carry her around, she is getting friendly. Heidi is super friendly, almost a pest.
This is what I did at work today. Kaleidoscope by Dear Debbie Designs. Resa and Julie picked out the fabric's and I whipped it up today. I also got the 5 kits together and ready to sell. It's a 8 hour project for the quilt top assembly if you don't obsess about placement of color. (chop & sew-chop & sew)

The Orchard Quilters put together this quilt for a family in town that lost their house to a fire.
Luanne did a great job of putting it together, she is delivering it tonight. Jane, Maxine and Linda made blocks and I quilted it.

This is a Heartstrings QAYG that Jay gave us last Saturday for the same family. I love it! I am really glad they sent this with us, now the whole family can be covered in quilts!

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