Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rip out time

I finally got back to the studio today, only to find I'm not able to quilt the quilt in the frame. Between the backing and the thread I can't keep the thread from breaking. Backing was a sheet and thread was to thick....so I got mad and took it off the frame. Now I have a whole row of quilting to rip out. I put in the next quilt and it was a little better but the batting pulled thru to the back on the whole thing....yes I changed needles...it was the backing again! So I put in the next quilt and it was a bit better, the thread is still breaking more than I like but by the end of the quilt I think I got the bugs worked out. (last quilt was one of mine, I don't like to experiment on someone else's quilt) Maybe if I leave it awhile when I go back things will work better, maybe it was cold or my bad mood transferred to the machine. I'm hoping to quilt another tonight, I have deadlines!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sounds frustrating. I did read somewhere that sheets should be washed and dried three times before using them for quilt backing. Just don't ask where I read that.