Wednesday, March 3, 2010

where have I been?

Kev loves gadgets, his newest toy is a Food Saver. (he also got a meat slicer the same day) After the boys got done sealing everything in sight food wise I got the bright idea to seal hats! I'm going to mail these off for charity and I thought it would save space to seal them. There is 5 hats and a scarf in this bag. I have a few more things to get ready to mail but Kev told me to quit using his expensive bags to mail things so I'm not sure if I will seal anymore hats..........guess a Ziploc bag will do the same thing. Oh but it was fun to tease him about sealing things!
Finished this Rail Fence quilt yesterday, well the top anyway. It's a sample for work, I had enough fabric to make up two kits. I wanted something soft and sweet, a little bit of Spring! I did learn my lesson on not using two different sewing machines while sewing one quilt, wow, what a difference! I did bring this one home to quilt this week.

Hey Mom! Do you recognize these blocks? Another UFO ready to quilt.

My kids are living with Helena and Kelsey now, they are going to train them to be cart goats. I gave them the option of selling them this next week at the auction but they are attached and won't give them back. Lucky and Oreo are going to be spoiled kids! (hey don't she look great in her new hat and scarf?) Kelsey took one of the ugly hats, he didn't care what color it was, he said as long as it kept his bald head warm it didn't matter what color it was. Gotta love little brothers, he knew the right thing to say to keep me motivated to make more hats!
Today is Brad's birthday, he's 15. Enough said.

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Flicsha said...

Do I get the quilt back now that is put together?? Mom