Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew in

Tonight we go to the in-laws for cake, it's a birthday ritual. It's Mike's turn and I made these for a present. Just what every guy would want....pickled eggs!!! (the brown specks are dill seeds, not dirt)
The Heartstrings sew in was wonderful, it's so nice to sew with a bunch of like minded people. Linda and I got 40 QAYG blocks made and we each got a third of a quilt put together.

Here's the whole group, the quilt in front is a Chinese coin from a past project. By the end of the day I do believe she had it almost finished.

Here's Mary with a finished top, I love her new method of setting, if you look closely you can see that the sashing is a basket weave pattern. Her and the girls figured out an easier way to make the joints less bulky.
We really enjoyed the day in Fremont, the library was great and the company was too! Now to get my homework done.............

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Lori said...

It WAS fun, wasn't it?!! And I too make the men pickled eggs sometimes. Are yours hot? Mine are, and I give them to the guys who are hunting on their last night, along with beer. And I'm usually pretty glad I'm not with them the next day! One group had to ride together back to WI, and they said it was so nasty the dogs wanted to run behind. snicker