Sunday, June 29, 2008

End of June

June has been a busy month around here, I added 4 calf's and 6 goats to the farm, not to mention the rabbits having babies! I worked a few shifts at the gas station being 'pizza girl' and I have been quilting up a storm this last weekend. I am taking pic's but the camera is in the studio so they will have to wait. The storms and flooding in Iowa have been on our minds for charity quilts and I am trying to get Project Pink done by October. Mom has a couple to bind and today I am taking Sara there and I will give her more quilts to bind. I think I'm going to have to break down and machine bind some of them as I think 8 quilts is to much to ask my mom to hand bind. Sara started working on Chinese Coins for QOV. A gal is making the quilts on Heartstrings, all we have to do is send the Coins, Sara is getting better all the time at sewing, I am so impressed with her! We are having a party on the 4th so I guess I will spend the week getting ready for that, I'm looking forward to it really, a nice casual party will do me good!

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