Thursday, October 29, 2009


I started a scarf project tonight, 3 down, 12 to go.........think I will take orders at the craft show on Saturday, I've run out of time! The scarves are wool ends I bought at Pennelton Woolen Mills in Bellvue quite awhile ago, another of those grand ideas for presents. I work tomorrow day at the quilt shop, the night at the bar and the show is Saturday morning......ugh! (wish I was packed for it)
Here's my little football supporter's leaving for the game, they had a good time even though the football team lost..........Sara came home running a fever and Brad slept on the bus so he's just now heading to bed. I hope Sara is feeling better tomorrow, my luck she brought home a bug and I'll be the one sick.
  1. 6 baby bibs
  2. 2 baby quilts
  3. 7 handbags

these are the things I finished at work today, I have hot pads almost done for a party in November at the shop(we're making a variety at a sew in) and 5 more handbags to line and sew straps and closures on. I am happiest at work when I can make samples and plan classes.

Ok I'm off to bed, it's gonna be a long weekend so don't look for me till next week.........

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