Wednesday, October 28, 2009

whats going on

Not much going on here today, it drizzled some and started raining tonight. I felt a little strange all day so spent part of it in bed. Played tag with the kids after school and made two trips to town...ugh! Spent tonight setting up my computer and embroidery machine, had to clean off the table in the family room, my yarn took it over for awhile. Kev told me to finish a few projects, I told him they were for his next wife to finish......he then told me he needs to find a girlfriend to finish a few of them.......I almost jumped for joy! I would love crafty company(don't think he had crafting in mind when he mentioned a girlfriend though) well anyway I think I will start something new just to aggravate him!
I finished Sara's hat and did a little football with the name Cyclones under it on one of my old black T-shirts for her to wear tomorrow, Brad is also going but he bought a $40 sweatshirt so no need to make him anything fancy to wear. I am going to try to snap a pic in the morning of them but who knows if I will remember........mornings are not my best time!
I work at the quilt shop the next two days and help set up for the craft show tomorrow night, I am looking forward to the show, just wish I had more projects finished. Oh well I will take what I have done and hope for the best.

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