Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Josh's B-day

I whipped up this cute kid's Christmas quilt this week, loved the bright colors and it's flannel so it's warm and snugly. I will do the binding by machine sometime this week before the craft show on Saturday. I'm just in finish mode now for the show, no starting new things........
This baby quilt feels soooo goooood! It's flannel with blocks of chenille. Love the texture and it's big at 45x60. I am thinking about making one for myself twice this size cause I like it that much. (only in pink) I did a machine binding and have it all done and ready to go.

I made these for a sample at work of a panel we have for sale. I'm planning on bringing them home just before Christmas and surprising the kids with them on Christmas morning. I know it will be a surprise because they all think I'm a dork for having a blog....

Just want to say Happy B-day to Josh, he's 17...........wow.........Josh collects dice so Sara and I thought he would love these sunglasses, he did! I also got him two new pets, meet EEEKKK and MEEEEKKK. (I named them, he will change the names I'm sure, something to do with names of epic leaders from history)
We finished picking soybeans today, hooray!!!!! I have a load on the truck and some on the wagon, it didn't all fit in the bin. It's supposed to start raining again after midnight so getting them done was such a good feeling. If it don't rain I will deliver to town and spend the day sewing tomorrow, I'm looking forward to having the day to finish a few things up. I did finish Sara's green scarf, a lot of it in the truck waiting to dump beans and she fringed it while watching T.V. tonight. I started a new hat for her to match it but my shoulder is starting to hurt so maybe tomorrow. The football team is going to State Playoffs and she's going to watch, it's a 4-5 hour bus ride away Thursday, Sara wanted something to wear in team colors so I gave her the scarf early. If I remember I will snap a pick of her in them. (felt bad because we missed the deadline to order t-shirts so maybe a scarf will make up for it)

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JuJu said...

Hey Jennifer, you are NOT a dork for having a blog!! Tell those silly kids, you have a fan club, I check your blog quite often, just to see what you have accomplished!!
Between all your jobs, being a mom and wife, farm wife too, you manage your time well and make some wondeful items!! You go girl!!--Julia, NE