Monday, October 12, 2009

First Snow

We got our first snow on Friday night/Saturday morning. By the time I thought of taking a pic it was already melting. My MIL said this was only the second time in 53 years it had snowed on her B-day.
Kristin came home to find stuff for her play, she is the Prop Master! (me, Josh, Sara and Skylar played Prop Crew for the morning) We found some great stuff for the play that is set in 1937, I am really excited to see it all pulled together in November. I have to deliver the junk Thursday due to my truck needing a new thermostat.....can't send her with the truck overheating.

Brad, Sara and Andrew made fire starters for the wood stoves. Newspaper, dried pods off the locust tree's and dryer lint all held together with a little wax. They worked great as I tried them out this morning! I love to take pic's of them working together, it makes me smile every time they do it without the sarcastic arguing that teenagers are famous for.

Everyone in the house gave me stress for saving the dryer lint.........

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