Wednesday, October 1, 2008

end of September

Yes, I know it's the 1st of October but September went by soooo quickly I think I must have missed something important! I'm back in the field, this time it's manure spreading, next week it will be corn. I take Sammy to the vet AGAIN tomorrow, he has a stick stuck up his nose, they are going to knock him out to remove it. I might have to work at the bar tomorrow night after spreading all afternoon and Kev thinks I'm going to help him with beans this weekend. Hmmmmm I wish I didn't have a bunch of tomato's to can and apples and pears.......maybe the pigs would like a snack.....hehehe

I did get two customer quilts done this week, they turned out good and I finished another baby quilt for gifting or charity, not sure yet. Soon as I get pic's taken you can see it finished.

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FLO_rancher said...

OH..don't throw out that those fresh garden tomatoes. I live in Nebraska also where frost killed my plants weeks ago, before producing a crop worthy of canning. I can relate to all the tractor hours that go with farming, we are hauling hay home from the pivot. We don't raise crops like farmers,, we are beef cattle ranchers...hay give me a holler..we can share sew many adventures in life..Sew Peacefully FLo (