Monday, October 20, 2008


I love fall, I love the colors of the tree's and the late blooming flowers. We took a ride to Lynch Ne. yesterday to pick up bee's and the colors were beautiful. (that's the main reason I went, and to call 911 if anyone got stung multiple times) I wish I would of taken my camera along, it's out in the studio where I was taking pic's of things like pillowcases and such.....could of had scenery pic's! I got stung once, right beside my eye, it got under my sunglasses then in my hair, it was quite funny watching me and Kelsey find the bee in my hair! My eye swelled up and it feels like someone punched me today, the swelling is down but it still hurts, it figures the bee hit me in the only part of my body that's not to chubby, if he would of hit fat I would be over it by now. Kevin will go back tonight or tomorrow night and collect the rest of the bee's, if he goes tomorrow I will ride along.

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