Friday, October 24, 2008

Heartstrings #10

Heartstrings Project Pink #10 is done. The center strip is a Pink Ribbon batik fabric, really cool, makes a nice soft focal fabric. I am slowly making progress on this project. I love these pink quilts!


Helen in the UK said...

Woo hoo, another one finished!! Ten completed is quite something :)

Mary said...

I know they've been a lot of work Jennifer but this one, like all the others, looks great. Thanks!

bingo~bonnie said...

so soft and pretty = you are doing a great job on these pink blocks. :)

have you donated any yet? or saving up to make a one time donation of all the quilts at once?? I'm currious to wehre you have choosen.

My HGTV quilter frineds and I made several and I mailed you blocks the year we did this project. ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie