Sunday, July 27, 2008

my week.....

It's been a long week, set up quilt frames for a show in Tilden Monday, went to quilt guild that night, messed around on Tuesday(ok that was a long time ago, don't remember what I did) and Wednesday morning I went to Co. Bluffs to spend some time with my grandma, they put her in the hospital for chest pains. She's ok now but it was scary. The only thing I did fun was color my hair with my aunt and cousin, now I have highlights in my fake red hair! I got home last night and today I head back down to Tilden to pick up the frames from their show. I did get to see my friend's husband's brother's house he is building, he does awesome work and the house is already sold unfinished. As much as I admire those new houses I think I will keep mine, I like my new bedroom and the hot tub addition is wonderful! I am hoping to get some sewing done before we leave to visit Brian on Wednesday, I am looking forward to the vacation/visit and time with my kids.(minus Kristin, she has to work over the weekend and she is heading to Co. Bluffs to hang out with grandma Tuesday).

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