Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family home

This is sunset from the mountain outside my aunts house in Arizona. I walked up the road past two houses to stand almost at the top of this ridge. I really enjoyed the trip to help my mom and she's right, it is beautiful there.
Tuesday I went to Omaha to pick up Kristin and Josh from the airport. Kristin is home from a 10 week adventure in Waco Tx working and living at MissionWaco. She worked with kids and youth in the summer program, helped out in the office, worked at the second hand store and the biggest part was the summer theater program. I think she is in love with Waco (ok maybe not the town but the people there) I know she touched many lives with her gifts and especially her gift of laughter!
Josh is home from a two week visit to Spokane Washington. He spent some time with friends and they took good care of him for me. He got to see Seattle and the ocean too. He loved it there.
Now everyone is home for the next two weeks, my quiet house is full of laughter and teasing again.
College starts the 19th, high school starts the 17th, there is a trip to Omaha planned, the zoo is on the schedule. I'm sure a bit of school shopping will happen, and tonight a picnic at my MIL's for Kristin's B-day (happy 21st) . Wow...........where has the summer gone?

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