Saturday, August 1, 2009


Me, the girls and mom spent the morning at the Farmer's Market. I took honey, purses and hot pads. Mom had peppers and dill. Anita sent summer squash and hot peppers. I enjoyed the weather except my feet were wet from the dew and cold in my sandals! Kristin and I did a little crochet while we sat there and visited with people also. Not a lot of sales but next week will be better I'm sure once people think about it and expect us there. I work next week but Kristin said she will go down for me and sell.
I'm going down to moms to help clean the garage, a lot of stuff to go thru and get rid of. I also have to get Sara, she has been there for 2 days. I got 2 bags made at work yesterday but my camera is dead so no pic's tonight and tomorrow.......

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