Friday, August 7, 2009


Well it's really early Friday here, I took a late nap due to a headache so now I'm still awake. Not to much going on around here this week. Josh had friends over last night, him and Kristin have Bible School every night this week and I had to save them after he ran his car out of gas. Kristin, Sara and I made a quick trip to Souix City for Bee supplies and a bit of shopping. The girls were seriously impressed with Heart and Hands Dry Goods quilt shop there. I admit it was a really good quilt shop! We now have more sock monkey fabric (Sara) and Kristin found hunky man fabric to make her friend Brandi more presents out of. I got two FQ's and Kristin got 4. I also bought them some school clothes off the clearance racks at Old Navy.
I spent some time in my studio also, made a few hot pads, a purse or two and sorted a few things out that I got from my mom.
I work all weekend so who knows how much sewing I will do the next two days.........I can't find my charger for my camera so another post with no pic's.......

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