Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Bibs

These are what I made at work last week. The pirate fabric just came in and the hat fabric came a few weeks ago. I looked and looked for a bib pattern at the shop but I ended up making my own when I couldn't find one I liked. My pattern making skills are I have it all written up just not typed and drawn yet. I had baby boy on the brain because my friend Luanne just had a new grandson. Hopefully I remember to go to the shower tomorrow for them.

Didn't get anything to important done this last week, I did pick up my mom and get new tires before I went. I did take Anita to get her car. I worked Thursday instead of today so Kristin took herself to college, I will see her Sunday or Monday at school after I take my mom back to the airport on Sunday morning. She will be in Florida for awhile taking care of her aunt Sis and husband Al.
Tonight I am going to pick corn and tomato's, I was reading Simple Green Co-op this morning on the blogs.....I found out my disorder has a name. CCD Compulsive Canning Disorder (hehehehe) oh well maybe winter will cure it.....

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FLO_rancher said...

Nice baby bibs...hmmm..canning can be addicting. My green beans in northwestern Nebraska are late...I am hoping it doesn't frost around september 11th as usual. sew peacefully DEB}:o