Thursday, February 7, 2013


Needed just a little something under my new red coat. I made this B/W scarf with a pack of 2.5 strips from Quilters Candy Shoppe and backed it with polar fleece. It's about 58 inches long, I didn't want to have to wrap it around my neck and I didn't want it hanging out the bottom of my coat when I buttoned it up. My coat is just a little itchy around the neck and this sure does feel snuggly......just like wearing a cuddly quilt.
My Mom made me a Valentine's present last week. I asked for a Valentine Scarf and she whipped one out the next day. It's about 80 inches long, perfect for a loop thru look. She backed it with cotton (she's sure Spring starts the 14th and who needs a fleece scarf when it's Spring?) It sure didn't feel like Spring today........don't think it's gonna feel like Spring next week either.

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