Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wanda's B-day

 I just finished this quilt top for my MIL's birthday the 10th. I made the blocks on the embroidery machine and took them to my Mom's house to make the top. Somewhere between home and there I lost one block, didn't realize it until I had it almost all put together, so I put it away while searching for the block. Never did find it so last week I made another block, it's the one with her name on it in the bottom right corner. Then I forgot I was going to make it 3x4 not 4x3 as in the picture, so I added top and bottom 4 patches to add a bit of length.
 I had a 2x4 inch piece of white/blue fabric left when I was done with my design change.
I'm hoping to get the quilting done sometime this week or she will be getting a quilt top for her B-day. It's 48x67, a great size to cover up with in the Lazy Boy. I know cause I sat down and tested it out after I got the top assembled. Sometimes that's the only way to know if somethings good while sewing, test it out and see for yourself.

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