Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas/New Year

Oh how funny my kids seem to think they are.............someday they will look back and wonder about themselves.
Don't ya just love a Christmas Eve jammies photo ?

Kristin and Sara ready for Church.

Oh and here's a pic of them opening an early present from their grandma Flicsha............don't they look thrilled to get towel and dishcloths?

My grandma Allen always made buckeyes at Christmas, now Kristin had taken up the tradition. Oh they are sooooo good!

Time flies when your having fun....least that's what they say....whew I had ALOT of fun then. I'm not sure where the month of December went, all I know is it's the 1st of January already and I'm in shock. Kristin has been home for two weeks and we have been busy cooking and making gifts. I decided about the middle of December I would not nag my children to clean house........well it's getting a bit deep here but nobody is complaining and I'm a much calmer Mom. Ok they have cleaned some, gotta have dishes to eat off of and clothes to wear. I will start getting mean and grouchy after they go back to school, until then I'm ignoring it all. Kristin has me slaving away in the studio this new year, she decided to make gifts for some friends who are graduating in the spring, I will come back with pic's as soon as they are done.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Christmas Eve jammies: My son-in-law's family does that. The kids have to put them on & model for a picture. The kids say next year the parents get the jammies & have to model them. LOL

Towels & dishcloths: Hey, they're practical & someday they'll be grateful for nice new towels & dishcloths. Now if they'll only put them to good use...............