Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart quilt

I spent today messing around in my studio. I know this pile of blocks don't look like much but it takes a long time to iron, cut and fuse these into place. There are 30 10.5 inch blocks with hearts fused on them and enough strips cut to border each block and binding. My quilt should end up to be 70x80 or so. I am taking it to the next Orchard Quilters meeting, hopefully someone will take it off my hands and do the sewing part. I love the planning and cutting part of a quilt but get bored before I get them done so I decided to just "plan" a quilt or two. I hope the girls like this heart quilt, I only planned on making a few blocks but I got a little carried away and ended up making blocks for the whole quilt.
My studio never really warmed up today and my sewing machine is broke so cutting and ironing took up the whole day. I did plan to quilt something but never got around to it.........sometimes I just have to play.

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