Thursday, February 17, 2011

binding fairy

Oh how I wish I had a binding fairy............this is just one pile waiting patiently for my attention. I got quite a few quilts done in January, except for binding. Maybe someday I will take pic's of the fronts and post about them.
I have also been busy with my hook, these are squares for Bridge and Beyond, if I ever get around to mailing them. I am using up yarn my mom sent me and some from Grandma's too.

Some of these hats are gifts for my little cousins, made from Grandma's yarn and some are charity. When it's cold outside I like to watch TV and knit hats on the round loom. I can do a hat in about 3 hours with a few breaks in there if anything worth watching is on.
I do know that I'm tired of winter and being inside. The last few days have been so nice that when it turns cold again I'm gonna be sad (like tomorrow!)

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