Friday, January 18, 2013


I started this quilt in 2001 while doing overnight childcare. I would take my sewing, reading, crafting stuff at 9:00 p.m. and after sending the kids to bed I would stay up till 11:00 or so with my stuff. I cut alot of 5 inch blocks and this is one of 4 or 5 quilts(not sure how many I actually made). The very top fabric, the butterflies I made my Grandma Allen something, a sweatshirt maybe? The green and blue were quilt backs for baby quilts. The brown flying geese fabric is another quilt back and so is the blue check.
I still have a UFO with the black and pink floral, a row by row quilt maybe?   The angel block is leftover from something I made my Mother-in-law. The blue and rose floral was curtains? Yellow was also a back for a baby quilt.
The light blue with stars is from Christmas quilts massed produced one year for Christmas. The rust with houses is from a dress my Mom made for Kristin her kindergarten year when all she wanted to wear was dresses.....oh wait she still only wants to wear dresses............
Pulling out this UFO was great for memories but most of all I thought about Linda and her kids while I was quilting it. I am going to give this to Linda "just because" I can. Heck who doesn't need a little quilty hug once in awhile.

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