Saturday, August 8, 2015

Foody Weekend

 I had a few things from the garden to add to my baked beans so I decided to make a huge batch. Oh my did I overdo it! Kevin helped me can over 10 pounds of dried beans, I had four of these pots on the cooktop. Half of the baked beans are made with navy beans , one forth pinto beans and the other fourth is plain pinto beans. I started out trying to make something similar to Bush's Baked Beans but I mixed up that recipe and one to make sweet and sour sauce so I just started dumping and mixing and hoping for the best. I will have to wait to make the S&S another time as I'm out of green peppers now. I printed off 4 or 5 recipes this morning early of things that sounded good, then I went back to bed. So this afternoon I read the papers then started chopping............oh well the beans  tasted good when I finished.
 Kev also put a pot of applesause on to cook while 5 quart of beans were processing.
 He also broke out the giant canner and we put 20 jars in it. Tried to keep some of the heat outside.
 I will end up with 30 jars of beans! I think this will be plenty for just the two of us this coming year. (Kev suggested pint jars next time)
 I have two large trays of chives drying and ready to pop into the freezer. I'm hoping I use them better out of the freezer than dried.   The cukes in the bowl will have to wait...........I'm tired!
These jars are called Cowboy Candy. Pineapple with jalapenos. I did add a few onions cause my guys like them. I made to much sauce and my peppers really shrunk up so if I ever make them again I know to really pack the jars.
  We enjoyed steak and corn on the cob cooked on the grill for dinner while waiting for the canners to finish and it's been a marathon day of NCIS on the TV. Now if the last 5 jars will finish cooling so I can take them out of the canner............I can go to bed.

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

A really productive day! I have 24 lbs. of kidney beans I picked up at Morrison's a while back waiting to be canned, easy enough just takes time. Do you cook beans first or put them in the jars dry with water to 1" mark & can? That's my method. 1 C. sorted & washed beans, fill with water to 1" mark, a little salt, 90 min. at 10 lbs. Easy peasy! I saved a recipe too that is supposed to be like the Bush's. May have to stop at Morrison's again to get some white beans of some sort.

Does your giant canner hold 20 quarts? Or pints? All American brand? Color me green if it is!!

String beans are done. Finished freezing corn, about four short rows are a little later, will probably can that. Tomatoes are just starting to get ripe, have picked a half dozen so far.

Sadly, not much time to sew, but we'll eat good this winter.