Monday, August 3, 2015

I found a quilted heart

 I saw this on Pintrest. I Found a Quilted Heart is a random  project I read about and thought it sounded like fun. Make a heart, attach a tag and place somewhere it will be found. No money involved, just a few rules and a chance to make someones day just a little bit nicer.
I Found a Quilted Heart is on Facebook and they have a sight where you can download labels to attach easily to your hearts. One tag says "I need a home" and the other is a" report me to Facebook" label.

  In other quilty news.........I finished all the pencil bag kits today, whew.....glad to have them done. I got just a bit bored making that many. I broke my serger, off to the repair man it goes. I broke my sewing machine earlier this week so that makes two mistakes.......ughhhhhh! I finished quilting a friends quilt she made for her daughter's college room this fall, and I made a pillowcase to match, it's going in the mail tomorrow. Kristin has been here from Washington and she helped me finish up her friends quilt that was stuck in my quilting machine, we ended up tying it because the machine would not quilt t-shirts and batik. Poor old machine, guess I need to be nicer to it..........and all the machines I broke this week.......kind of  scared to do any embroidery, really don't want to break that machine too.

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