Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

All I want for Christmas is a beer! Hehehehe! Ok maybe not but it sure makes a fun tree for a bar! This is what I did on Turkey Day night when I had to work. (can you tell it was a Busch Light night?) The paper chain garland is Keno tickets, no I have not a clue how many I strung together, I was afraid to count, they are the losing tickets and I think it is probably the $$$$ garland ever made. I am a true crafter at heart as you can tell, I even craft at the bar! ( there is one Diet Pespi can on the tree, my best customer don't drink and it's a special ornament just for him) I love decorating tree's for Christmas but I hate setting them up, good thing this one came thru the door in one peice!

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