Monday, December 8, 2008


I made a couple QOV pillowcases for Heartstrings last week, mom gave me the red and blue fabric and I sewed these up quick and got them sent off. They put quilts in them and present them to soldiers when they return home. I've done so much in RWB that my stash is limited so mom's fabric came in handy for this little project.

I am hauling corn today if I ever get out of the house. Yesterday was a waste....I had a headache that I thought was going to kill me, tried to sleep it off, got rid of it last night finally then couldn't sleep so I read and watched TV till 3 a.m. Today I am shaky and a little worn out from it, so it's a slow start to the day. I'm glad Kev has the truck loaded for me, he is rather sweet sometimes......

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