Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok I'm on a hot pad roll here, bear with me....I bought 3yds of fabric and some insulbright at work yesterday, I demonstrated how to make these to the few customers I had in then came home and assembled the rest, Kristin turned and tacked them for me tonight while I quilted a quilt. Everyone will get a set this year I guess, I might even keep a few for myself cause I always keep the uglies or the rejects so this year I'm going to treat myself and keep a favorite or two. (now if I can decide which I like the best)
These match the soup labels for Sara's Friendship Soup she is giving as gifts this year. We have enough for 15 jars of soup mix and she gave them for teachers and such, I made extra to give also, hopefully I will remember to take a pic of the finished gift set.

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