Thursday, December 18, 2008

small gifts

These are a Lazy Girl Design called the Wonder Wallet, they are a wonder! The directions were easy to follow and I made all 5 in an afternoon. 4 wonderful women on my list are receiving these this year, I wonder if any of them read this blog? I wonder if they will like them? I wonder why I worry......?
These pillowcases are for my brother, yes he is sometimes a drunk little devil....hehehe! I am making him a quilt to match but I thought I should get these done just in case I don't get it quilted before Christmas. Kristin said she thought it was disturbing I was making a quilt with Satan on it. I explained it wasn't Satan, just an ornery drunk who was a little devil when drinking. I told her sometimes ya just gotta have a little fun with things and she then agreed maybe the fabric was fitting for her uncle.
I work tomorrow and then I think I have the weekend off, not sure yet. I was thinking to myself today would be the perfect time to start my winter nap and not wake up for two weeks!

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