Monday, December 3, 2012

Anna's house

 I got to spend a little time with Anna awhile back, with her being ADHD she made me help her with this little project, wow, we put two wallhangs together at the same time. I have to admit she did better at it than I did, I'm only ADD so I lost interest and didn't want to finish it......good thing she was there to keep pushing or I would of tossed it. Yeah really....right in the trash.......some of the pieces were smaller than a finger nail, not talking the whole nail, just the part ya clip off when trimming. Oh she did loose interest when I told her how to quilt it...heheheh....I think framed under glass is going to happen.
 Sorry I didn't turn these before posting.

 While watching movies I whipped up Halloween collars for Anna's dogs, Nicki got ruffles and Pokie got a scarf.
Pokey is Nicki and Sammies baby. He is the sweetest pup, when he was a few weeks old he was trying to jump onto the gate and fell, he has brain damage from the fall so they kept him. He's their special boy. He's a lap dog for sure.

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