Saturday, December 29, 2012

Laptop bags

 Kristin made laptop bags today. She knew what she wanted but had to make a prototype first. Sooooo the dog print bag is MINE! I now have a bag to carry the laptop I don't have. I'm hoping Kev remembers to bring his home from work so I can use it while I'm at the quilt shop to write up patterns on. The blue one is hers, she wanted something she could wear as a backpack or a messenger bag. The strap will hook thru the ring on the top of the bag to make over the shoulder straps.
 I did a little quilting today also, this is my Mother-in-laws quilt. The back was worn out so I just put muslin on the back and did a large stipple over the whole thing. I think this will extend the life of the quilt and make it usable a bit more.
Oh and Spike wants to say HI everyone and he hopes ya all had a Merry Christmas! (check out that fancy collar his sister made him)

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I wondered where Spike was when all the other pets got their pictures taken.