Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Happy Blocks

Heartstrings Yahoo Group is having a sew in for the new year, Happy Blocks are the goal. I am rather slow at getting things done and sometimes I don't read instructions very well, the teddy bear blocks are going to be to small so I'm keeping them to make a baby quilt. The other blocks are ready to mail to Sue in MN.
I have 23 done but only 13 to mail.

So I got busy and finished up this small Happy Block quilt left over from Kristin's quilt last year, I needed my design board and it had been pinned up way to long, the black was a little wavy from hanging (love those bias edges) but it will quilt up just fine. I pieced the border from FQ's in my stash so it is pretty scrappy. I have one UFO top completed.......

It's been a good New Year so far, had a nice time out last night, my friend and her husband were in town so we hung out. I still have company and it's been nice having a little boy around for the week. Andrew is 6 and very curious. The guys put up new stove pipe thru the house yesterday and the test this morning is failing, Brad's room is full of smoke.........they opened the windows and shut the door! A collar fell off, it just sits on the pipe and is a poor design. So they are debating on how to fix it. I am going to deliver a girl to my friend then I plan to spend the day in the studio sewing, I think that's a great way to spend a holiday!

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