Thursday, January 8, 2009


I gave these table runners away for Christmas but this one is for me! (that's why it was never finished till now) I was having a terrible time quilting the Easter Quilt so after I got the machine to behave I put in the runner to test it out, I think it's stitching good again. I have a feeling the thread is not the best for my machine, gonna have to order my old standby Coats and Clark. I have coasters made out of matching fabric so now I'm all set for a summer table. I am feeling the short days of winter so my sewing reflects that in what I choose to sew, the brighter the better! I am working on a dark, dull Christmas quilt to match my living room also but I keep putting it aside in favor of pastels and brights. I am going to quilt two more runners to test the thread and stitching before starting another big quilt, try the same thread I used on the Easter quilt to see if it is the thread or my machine, only problem is they are fall table runners and I just ain't in the mood!
I think the top turned out really cute on Mom's Happy Block Easter Quilt. To bad my stitching sucks! I think I like her top better than mine, she had more focal fabric to play with the setting than I did so mine got borders and her's got spacer blocks. I also like the lone block with the eggs hatching chicks.......ok so one of my Happy Blocks from my quilt got mixed up with her's.....I didn't notice it untill I had the top together and by then I wasn't going to change it, no ripping! I do wish I would of left out that purple stripe block though, it's distracting! I am planning on keeping the binding fairy busy while I'm on vacation!

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