Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sewing Day

Yesterday was a great sewing day, didn't work on anything to special, just catching up on a few things. The top pic is my Easter Happy Blocks Quilt from a couple years ago. I've been meaning to quilt it for a year but never had the right backing. I picked up a new sheet at the thrift store last month and it was the perfect colors so I slapped it on the back and quilted it last night. Like I said nothing special but fun for the holiday. I also pieced my Mom's Easter Happy Blocks yesterday and it's waiting for quilting.
I decided I better get to moving on the Pink Project for Heartstrings so I grabbed one off the shelf and quilted it too. I gave it a simple stipple because that's the fastest thing to quilt and I was on a roll yesterday and just wanted to get things done. I have 3 more in the pile ready to quilt with backs and bindings made so I'm hoping to keep moving on these this year. I love the pink quilts!

This is a quickie panel from the sale room at work, I got it awhile back and all I did was add yellow border. It will be bound with a green/blue binding that varies from stripe to stripe. (hard to describe) Sometimes I need a quick gift or if I have it hanging around to long I donate it. I also quilted the little baby quilt from my last post. I think the binding fairy will be pleasantly surprised when I give her all these to work on, she was worried she wouldn't have anything to do this weekend.
I am hoping to have a better year with my quilting this year, there were full months last year I didn't do any sewing and it sucked! I always feel like January is catch up month for me, I always want to finish up UFO's. I think yesterday was a good start, now if I can keep from bringing home new projects from work...........

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Mary said...

I love the pinks ones too Jennifer. I just sent you an email asking where you were with these since I'm update all the HeartStrings records for 2009. Thanks!