Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Got one of Mom's quilts done this week, it's for her cousin Gayla. I love the tones and how soft it looks.

Thanksgiving will be a small intimate breakfast with a guest list of eight. Kevin, Me, Josh, Kristin, Brad, Sara, Kelsey and Helena.

  • The menu includes;

  • Waffles, Blueberry and regular(heart stopping artery clogging yummy kind) with syrup,honey, jam, butter and peanut butter. Whipped cream optional.
  • Crockpot Egg Bake (eggs, sausage, cheese, onion, greenpepper)
  • Spinach dip, spicy cheese dip, ranch dip, and Snickerdoodle dip with Teddygrams. Assorted crackers and fresh veggies will also be offered.

I am also serving coffee, orange juice, milk, and Wassail

or for the adults.......Wassail with Brandy, Champagne Mimosa, Vodka with White Cran/Strawberry or Bloody Mary's.

And if anyone is still hungry they can top it off with Brownies with pecans. Brownie cheesecake or Cherry/pineapple cake with whipped cream.

Sara and I set the table tonight with Grandma Allen's dishes (Kristin's) .

We are going to Kevin's parents for dinner, I made pies tonight while hanging out at their place, Wanda broke her wrist awhile back and still can't get around well so someone has to be there to help. Pumpkin and Pecan , yummy!!!! My night will conclude with hanging out at the bar...oh the life of a bartender!

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