Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wild Saturday Night

My Brother-in-law is moving to Nebraska, his friend Joe helped him move this weekend and brought this sweet girl along for the ride. Ripley is well behaved and loves everyone. She also likes to wear sweaters so I gave her the candy corn sweater I made last month. (it was to big for Sadie) I added a draw string around the bottom so it didn't gap around her belly and it was sooooooo cute! Joe was very patient and understanding about me and Sara dressing his dog! (she ended the night setting on Kevin's lap)
Andrew and Sara played with playdoh they found in Brad's room, he's been hoarding it awhile I think, after them arguing over the two cans they finally made more. They stole Josh's pizza cutter he got from work (thanks Hotstuff) then I gave them the meat mallet, and finally the cookie cutters came out. At 11:00 I finally made them clean up and go to bed. So the doh is in bags and the tools are in the dishwasher, everything will be ready for Sunday morning play!

Andrew lost his first tooth this week so he's showing off the gap a lot!
I taught a hot pad class at the quilt shop today, it went well and we had a lot of fun. I am still working on fleece throws for my little kids Christmas presents, 1 is actually totally finished.....only a dozen or two to tomorrow at the bar then the rest of the week is mine. (or so I think)

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