Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sara and I made Sea Glass candy the other night, I love hard candy! We decided the mint was our favorite. We made orange, lemon, mint and raspberry. It's a start to our Christmas cooking for gifts.

Just as I finished the last batch of candy Josh came home from work so we decided to color his hair. Hehehehe it's for the school play.......he plays a goth kid. It looks better than I expected except for the brown tail he has in the back.....oops! The first contest was Tuesday and they got 4th, not bad for a new coach and new bunch of kids. One of the guys got best actor award, Congrats Jordan!

I finished Brad's quilt today, it looks better in the pic than it does in real life..........
My Grandma had the blocks made for my Mom originally, Mom's favorite color is green but the three greens used in the blocks is awful together. I have to thank Margie for helping Mom pick border fabric that matches, (quilt shop owners are awesome when asked for help) Mom got the center set together and I put borders on it and got it quilted. Brad is the lucky boy who is getting this quilt, his favorite color is green, darker the better. One of Grandma's quilts down, three to go........

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