Friday, April 2, 2010


Oh I love hatching eggs!!! Watching chicks is better than T.V. I am up to 23 as of tonight with a dozen or so more starting to break out of their shells. Last night in the middle of watching Being John Malkovich I heard peeps from the kitchen, so I raced out and sorted eggs. Yes right in the middle of that strange movie I was laying on the kitchen floor with my head stuck in the incubator. (I did go back and finish watching the movie half hour later) When I went to work this morning one chick was out, tonight 23!!! I should be done hatching by Monday then Kelsey will take the incubator home and they will hatch a batch or two. They want at least a hundred just love Spring and all the new babies that come with it.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Baby chicks just in time for Easter. Perfect. Now you can add Chicken Farmer Jennie to your list of jobs. LOL I can't help but think how excited my cats would be over them. Only instead of thinking "cute", they'd be thinking "yum". I know, my brain works in strange ways sometimes.