Monday, April 19, 2010


I thought the artwork in Nashville was really fun, not sure the city thinks it's great but I appreciate it.
Thursday night was the customer appreciation night at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville, this is the view off the second story balcony. They closed the Cafe down for the company party with about 400 in attendance. Drinking, dancing, live band and food, it was a FUN night.

Downtown Nashville view from the tour bus......

Thursday my new friend Dick and I went to the Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson. I love being a tourist and doing touristy things! This is a pic of the side of the mansion, the dinning room was as long as the house and to the left was the outside kitchen. They are fixing the front columns of the house so no front pic's. I enjoyed the tour and the grounds are just like a big park now but in 1837 over 200 people lived and worked there.
I am really glad to be home but the week away was wonderful, I relaxed and hung out most of the time. Kev said he learned a lot and so did the others who were along for the classes.

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