Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoying the weather

Me and the 'boys' spent a little time out in the yard enjoying the weather, 70 degree's sure is nice this time of year. The sun was so bright that this was the only pic that turned out decent. Spot would not join me, Sammy and Blackie in the grass, he stayed on the dirt by my car the whole time we were out. I made them stay outside today in the cage while I was gone today and they were sure happy to see me when I got home until I gave them baths!
Just another sneak peak at a kit for work....

Three more table runners done and ready for display!

I got this little throw quilt finished up also and ready for display, red and black/white are big this year at the shop.
Today I spent a little time with Roseanne cutting and kitting up a few more table runners and small quilts. Tomorrow I start sewing! I'm starting to feel the push to get things done before March 31st!

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