Sunday, March 13, 2011

New camera/sneak peak

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the kits that will be available at the end of the month at work, this baby quilt was soooooooooo quick and I love the colors! It's 51x55 perfect size for baby/toddler.
Two quilts, a batik and a 30's and two table runners, there will be more soon!

I am still looking for my camera, so I thought as soon as I bought a new one the other would show up. So I am now the proud owner of a little pink Casio. I think I like it, it's easy to work and the pic's look fine so far.(ok I only took a few) I have been lost all week without, didn't realize how much I love to take pictures until I couldn't. Kev is upset because I replaced it but I really don't care, he replaces tools when he looses or breaks them, well that's what I did this time, my camera is a tool and I needed it to do what I do. So now I'm off to take pic's of everything I've been working on the last week and a half......oh and pic's of my puppies!

I sewed up a cute LITTLE baby quilt this morning, I'm saying little because it's half the size it's intended to be, oops I cut wrong and just couldn't figure out why I had so many extra triangles. Well anyway I will put some borders on it and finish it after I go back to work and see if I have enough fabric to remake it the right size. I cut it out late Friday afternoon, should of done it earlier when my brain was working better. I also have another one to cut out, but this time I know not to mess it up! I am trying to get samples made for Shop Hop coming up at the end of the month, it's gonna be a fun 10 days!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sometimes you just have to replace things. I can't imagine where your other one went, but if it fell out of your purse or the car it might have been broken anyway.

Will have to get to the shop during Shop Hop to see the new stuff. I still have money left on my Christmas gift cards.