Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I had a hair emergency today............I decided to straighten my grown out perm. I have done it before, no problem. Well today was a different story, no I don't have a before pic, lets just say straw has a better feel than my hair did when I was done. The ends curled up and fell off just like hair being burnt. I couldn't get a comb thru it without it breaking. The more it dried the frizzier it got, it was so bad I just got in the car and went to Norfolk. Walked in to the mall and told the gal at Regis to cut it off. I really made her work hard and over an hour and a half later this is what was left. She tried to leave it as long as she could, there was no hope and I made her cut another inch and a half off the front and two off the back. (I've never had my neck shaved before)Sooooooooooo long story short; never trust a box that says gentle and safe for all hair types! Josh told me I look just like all the other moms now....oh great....hey what kind of earrings do ya wear with short hair?


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

One good thing about hair...it grows back. You might decide you like it short. Earrings....anything you want!!!

JuJu said...

I did the same thing to my hair, years ago. Ended up getting a short hair cut and never looked back! Earrings ... whatever you like goes with short hair!