Thursday, March 17, 2011


Blackie and Spot are ready for new homes! They will be 8 weeks old on Saturday. Anyone interested just let me know. Shih-tzu's get between 12 and 17 pounds,( or I say large cat size.) Non-shedding, they need haircuts twice a year, loved to be brushed and don't mind baths. They like to be outside during the day when it's warm and love to snuggle on the couch.

Love this quilt! It's a Moda Bake Shop pattern.

Moda Bake Shop pattern again, those designers are great!

The Orchard Quilters got together the other night, we made 10 minute table runners. These are so easy! At one point I looked at the girls and said, "leave it to a bunch of quilters to make this easy project hard" and then we all relaxed and had fun making them. We did do a bit extra with some top stitching, we decided they would wash up better with just a bit more structure. Still need to tack on buttons or something where the corners come together and meet, I'm thinking pins, or brooches, even cute beads. I made the horse and the patriotic runners, Maxine made Easter, Linda made Halloween and Luanne made St. Pats and the red/black combo. Luanne also had two others finished so we could see options, different sizes and color combinations. I really enjoyed her homemade shrimp dip, wow! She made it with her own katsup, how many people make katsup? Well it was so yummy I ate way more than I should have, thanks Luanne!

Josh giving his speech, it's the only decent pic I got, gonna have to learn how to take distance shots with my camera. He qualified for state speech next Friday, so we're all going to Kearney! I'm really proud of him, he made up his mind he was going and now he is!
Today I've got corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot, I followed the recipe in the O'Neill Shopper, I've never made it with cabbage, or potato's or onions.....or apple juice and brown sugar....I always just tossed it in the cooker and poured water on it. I'm sure it will be good and I'm hoping someone brings me some at work tonight. Oh yeah, I'm the lass serving green beer at the ye' ol' tavern (ok not sure what to call myself but lass just ain't fittin') and homemade Irish Cream. Yes I made it! Yes it's good! I like it and I don't like Irish whiskey, little strong for me but just right for everyone else. I wish I would of bought another thing of sweetened condensed milk and I would make a batch with Black Velvet, then.........I know I would lovvvve it! Well off I go to find my green outfit and color my hair red, just wouldn't be fittin' to have the bar wench's grey roots showing....hehehe!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Ohhh, that little black puppy with the white front paws is just adorable. Good think I'm not in the market for a dog.

Have fun at the bar tonight being and Irish lass.