Saturday, August 23, 2008


I delivered Kristin to college yesterday. It was a long day. My head hurts today.

I am excited about whats going on in Kristin's life, she has so many opportunities waiting for her, so many experiences, I hope it's all she's expecting. The campus is beautiful and everyone is really nice and helpful, I am really impressed with Northwestern.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby on my way home, bought yarn to make hats, and a new quilt magazine, there is a cute tote bag I want to make in it, and a fun eye spy quilt I am thinking about, I think I can do it in cat fabric, it's time I cut into my collection. This morning I need to do housework before going to the bar, my friend Dawn is coming tonight with her kids to see the goats and I hate for her to see the place like this. (she's a great housekeeper and it intimidates me greatly)

Oh and my old sewing machine died.........right in the middle of my Christmas Cat quilt, one minute it was humming along, then it chugged a few times and now it's locked up. I am disturbed to say the least, it's my favorite machine and I loved it. I am planning a trip to Grand Island to have it fixed if possible, this means I have no choice in using the scary machine now, (it's not scary, I'm just scared to use it)

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